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Frequently Asked Questions

1.�� I am licensed in Florida; how do I get my ASHA CEUs sent to CE Broker?

Give ASHA your Florida license number and your first and last name as printed on your Florida license.

2.� �How can I give my license number to ASHA?

Call the Action Center at 800-498-2071, or self-enter by following these steps:

Go to� Click on �My Account� (above the ASHA header at the top of the web page). �Log in by entering your e-mail address and password.Click on �Manage Your Florida State Licensure Information.� �Add your Florida SLP and/or AUD license number. You may update this information at any time.�

3. ��I�m not registered with the ASHA Web site.�� How do I register?

Go to� Enter your 8-digit ASHA account number and last name.� (Your account number is located on your ASHA membership card, invoices, and most correspondence from ASHA.) Follow the prompts to complete registration. �

NSSLHA members:� Use your 8-digit NSSLHA account number.

If you don�t know your account number, call the Action Center at 800-498-2071.

4. ��Why does ASHA need my Florida license number?

Your license number is the identifying information ASHA uses to submit ASHA CEUs to CE Broker.

5.�� What happens if I do not give my license number to ASHA?

ASHA will not be able to submit your ASHA CEUs to CE Broker.

6.�� What happens if I give ASHA the wrong license number?

CE Broker has a system to verify name and license number.� If there is a problem matching ASHA records to your Florida license number, ASHA will contact you.

7.�� When will ASHA transmit my ASHA CEUs to CE Broker?

Before December 31, 2005.

8.� �If I took a course that was offered �for ASHA CEUs but did not fill out an ASHA CEU Participant Form, will you send anything to CE Broker?

No. The only record ASHA has of an individual�s participation in a course is the ASHA CEU Participant Form submitted to us by an ASHA CE Provider. You may be able to self-submit the course directly to CE Broker. �Important Note: �If you did not fill out an ASHA CEU Participant Form at the conclusion of the event, you can�t fill one out now and earn ASHA CEUs retroactively.

9. ��I completed an ASHA CEU Participant Form but did not pay the CE Registry fee. Will that course record be sent to CE Broker?

No. Only valid ASHA CEUs will be sent to CE Broker.� However, you may pay the CE Registry fee for the current and/or previous years in order to validate CEUs for which you previously submitted a CEU Participant Form.� Call the Action Center at 800-498-2071 for assistance.

10.� �Do I have to be an ASHA member to use the CE Registry?

No. Non-members who are certified by ASHA, �individuals credentialed to practice by a state, and students in graduate and undergraduate communication disorders programs may earn ASHA CEUs and use the CE Registry.�