Reimbursement Links

I have been doing my job for a long time, view, and based on my experience, I decided to share with you a small list that has helped me throughout the time.

BCBS General: www.almedicare.com

Mutual of Omaha: www.mutualmedicare.com

CMS Program Memoradums: www.PTmanager.com

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: www.cms.hhs.gov

Medicare Learning Network: www.cms.hhs.gov/medlearn

(Email) - CMS Coverage Issues: CMS-Coverage@list.nih.gov

Federal Register: www.access.gpo.gov

American Medical Association: www.ama-assn.org

American Healthcare Association: www.ahca.org

Coding Information: www.data-files.com

Local Medical Review Policies: www.lmrp.net

Draft LMRP's: www.draftlmrp.net

Rehab Regs: www.rehabregs.com

SNF Information: www.snfinfo.com

ASHA: www.asha.org

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