Why Do We Need The Salary Supplement For SLPs and Audiologists Employed In Our Schools?

    1. There is a serious shortage of qualified professionals employed in our schools-ALL children deserve quality services-the same as in the classroom.
    2. 10-20% of all Alabama School Children require our services to be successful academically.
    3. Research shows that phonemic awareness is the single most important indicator for reading success.
    4. SLPs and audiologists employed in the schools are hired as teacher units.
    5. SLPs and audiologists employed in the schools are paid on the teachers' salary schedule.
    6. In 2001 the House Ways and Means Committee granted equivalency between our Certificate of Clinical Competence from ASHA and certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.
    7. Mississippi awards $6000 and has drastically reduced its shortage of these professionals in its schools.
    8. This is the 4th year we are introducing legislation.
    9. Our numbers can be added to the teachers and make Alabama look even better. (We have 311.)
    10. We pay $200 in yearly dues to maintain our national certification.
    11. We bring thousands of dollars monthly into our schools through Medicaid reimbursement of services. Share the wealth with those who earned it in the first place!
    12. The salary supplement was initially instated for recruitment and retention of qualified teachers. We need it for the same reasons.
    13. This is NOT "icing on the cake", -- it is for BASIC services required by law, 94-142 passed by the Federal Government in 1975.

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