Report your time in this way, using the simple CE chart at the back of your program guide for reference:

1.  Choose the total number of minutes you earned in ABESPA Content Area II (this year only the ALSDE Updates session was ABESPA II).

2.  If you attended the ethics session with Yvonne Saxon, choose the total number of minutes you were present once the ethics talk began.

3.  Choose the remaining number of minutes you attended, including the Thursday evening dinner.  You will need to subract ABESPA II and Ethics minutes from your total in order to report this number. 


For example:  You attended a total of 885 instructional minutes.  You were at the ethics luncheon and you attended the ALSDE Updates session for one hour.  You would choose:

ABESPA Content Area II:     60-89 minutes (ABESPA II)

ABESPA Content Area I Ethics:     60 minutes (Ethics - ABESPA I)

ABESPA Content Area I:         750-779 minutes (ABESPA I)  (885 - 60 - 60 = 765)

If you have any problems or need help with this, please call 256-325-8885. 

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