SHAA Executive Board, Committee Chairs,
Directors and Liaisons

Executive Board Members, 2017 - 2019

Kandis Chatman


Kandis Chatman

Claire Tynes

Immediate Past President

Claire Tynes

Vice President for Convention

Jill Smith

Vice President for Governmental Issues

Jennifer Jones

Membership Secretary

Jane Lamb

Elizabeth Gwaltney's picture

Recording Secretary

Mary Elizabeth Gwaltney


Carol Koch

Heather Baty's picture

ASHA Audiology Advisory Councilor

Elected by ASHA
Jan 2018 - Dec 2020

Heather Baty

No photo available

ASHA SLP Advisory Councilor

Elected by ASHA
Jan 2016 - Dec 2018

Tamara Harrison

Lana Langley

Councilor for Speech-Language Pathology

Lana Langley


Councilor for Audiology

Beth Norris

Councilor for School Affairs

Amanda Sutter


SHAA Officers

Lawrence F. Molt

ABESPA Liaison to SHAA

Larry Molt

Anna Leigh Marshall

Archives Committee Chair

Anna Leigh Marshall

Doreen Oyadomari's picture

By-Laws and Organization Committee Chair

Doreen Oyadomari

marian welch's picture

CELL Committee Chair

Marian Welch

Comprehensive Health & Education
Planning Committee Chair,

STAR Representative

Hillary Harris

Continuing Education Director

Gary Copeland

leeritchiejohnston's picture Convention Committee AAC Track Chair Lee Johnston
Convention Committee Adult Track Chair Larry Molt
Convention Committee Audiology Track Chair Beth Norris
Convention Committee Child Track Chair Amanda Sutter

Ethical Practices Committee Chair

Margaret Johnson

Taryn Hopper

Honors Committee Chair

Taryn Hopper

Claire Tynes

Nominations and Elections Committee Chair

Claire Tynes

Parent Advocate

Drew Ann Long

Public Information Committee Chair

Stephanie Zicarelli

Publications Director

Megan-Brette Hamilton

School Affairs Committee Chair,
SEAL Representative

Amanda Sutter

OyadomariDoreen's picture

SHAA Liaison to ABESPA

Doreen Oyadomari

STAMP (State Advocates for Medicare Policy) Representative Arpel Savage

Stephanie Frucci

State Department of Education Liaison

Stephanie Frucci

Student Advocate

Lacey Dent

Technology Committee Chair

Gary Copeland

Management Office

Maureen Huseman
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(205) 823-6106



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