Convention 2015 Handouts

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2015 Convention Handouts

If there is no handout listed for a speaker, it is because none was submitted. 

Baldwin, Sandy How Will We Know?
Banajee, Meher Current Trends in AAC
Bellis, Teri Central Auditory Processing Disorders
Brune, Patrick Positive Behavioral Supports With Dynavox Compass
Brush, Jennifer Building a Successful, Person-Centered Dementia Program
Byrd, Carolyn
Chatman, Kandis
Moss, Laura
Phillips-Ross, Esther
Zylla-Jones, Elissa
SLP Clinical Supervision Training
Carden, Kameron Flashcards to Conversations
Christy, Jennifer Evaluation and Treatment of Vestibular-Related Impairments in Children
Clark, Heather Treatment of Motor Speech Disorders
Clayton, Lisa
Piazza, Wendy
Rector, Emily
Woolley, Audie
Coyle, James Managing Dysphagia in Adults with Medical Conditions
Depp, Candice Matthews  
Enstrom, Jan State Department Updates
Hall, James W., III Decreased Sound Tolerance Disorders
Hall, James W., III Diagnostic Audiology: Best Practices
Hall, James W., III Electrocochleography (ECochG)
Hall, James W., III Making the Most of Middle Ear Measurements
Hall, James W., III Prevention of Recreational Hearing Loss
Helms, Donna Phonemic Awareness to Phonic Code
Jackson, Staci Apps for Vocabulary Assessment and Intervention
Kluesing, Marsha Adult Auditory Rehab Group - Benefits for SLP and AUD Grad Students
Lehr, Janet Beyond Calendar Time: AAC Implementation in the Classroom
Mataya, Kerry  
McHugh, Richard Integrated Care for Voice Disorders
Ollick, Greg, Sr.  
Robertson, Shari Building Better Readers
Robertson, Shari Raising Readers
Roseberry-McKibbon, Celeste Increasing Oral and Literate Language Skills
Saxon, Yvonne  
Sette, Alice No handout will be provided
Weeks, Lindzee Nunez  
Zangari, Carole Vocabulary Instruction for AAC Learners

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