ABESPA Nominees

The ABESPA representatives for Districts 4 and 5 will complete their terms on September 30, 2016.  SHAA has chosen the following nominees from among the licensed therapists in those districts, from which the governor will appoint a new ABESPA representative for each district :

ABESPA Nominees - District 4

SLP Lana Langley 24%
SLP Jill H. Perry 22%
AUD B. Keith Ergle 14%
AUD Aaron Johnson 12%
SLP Ellen Maxwell 11%
AUD Kristi M. Allen 5%


ABESPA Nominees - District 5

SLP Esther Phillips-Ross 23%
SLP Barbara Cady 20%
AUD Patsy Novelli 16%
AUD Mark R. Carroll 13%
SLP Sheila Ballew Knox 9%


The following members of the board will continue to serve along with these new appointees:

Consumer Mickey Ezell District 1
AUD Deana Latham District 2
AUD Florence Cuneo District 3
SLP Claire Edwards District 6
SLP Mary Semrick Parker District 7


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