ABESPA licensees may access SHAA's Continuing Education Lending Library, even if they are not SHAA members.  ABESPA makes this possible each year with a generous donation to CELL. 

If you have been a SHAA member, but don't wish to renew your SHAA membership, please do the following:

  1. Log on to your SHAA website account
  2. Click on the Renew link on the welcome page
  3. Find the link in the middle of the page called Change Membership Type
  4. Choose ABESPA Licensee Only - NOT a SHAA Member

Your account will "expire" on December 31st, but renewal is free if you only wish to access the site as a non-member.

If you have not previously been a SHAA member and would like to use CELL Online, please join SHAA as an ABESPA Licensee Only.  You will choose the user type ABESPA Licensee Only, which allows you limited access to the SHAA website free of charge.  You can access CELL through snail mail without signing up online but this option involves postal charges.  To learn more about CELL by Snail Mail, go to our CELL page










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