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The Hanen Centre: Hanen’s It Takes Two to Talk® Workshop

May 22-24, 2017

Event Description: Join us for the It Takes Two To Talk® Hanen Certification workshop in Atlanta, GA on May 22-24, 2017. This 3-day workshop is for Speech-Language pathologists who work with young children with language delays (birth to 5 years) and their families. With hands-on interactive training, you’ll learn effective, research-based strategies for involving parents in the early intervention process to ensure the best possible outcomes for their child. When you take It Takes Two to Talk, you will be certified to lead It Takes Two to Talk - The Hanen Program® for Parents of Children with Language Delay. Space is Limited and our workshops fill quickly!  

Facility and Address of Event: Lawrenceville, Atlanta, GA

CEUs Offered: 2.20

Registration Fee(s): $795.00 - $995.00

Registration weblink:

Phone: 1-877-426-3655 x236



The Hanen Centre: Hanen’s More Than Words® Workshop

May 24-26, 2017

Event Description: Join us in Atlanta, GA on May 24-26, 2017 to learn how to make the biggest difference for young children with autism and their families. The More Than Words workshop is newly updated to provide you with even more effective tools for zeroing in on the very specific needs of young children with autism and addressing those needs with evidence-based, family-centered techniques. Updates include a new assessment and goal-setting framework, as well as enhanced intervention strategies that target the most important areas of difficulty for children with autism. Space is limited and our workshops fill quickly! 

Facility and Address of Event: Keller Williams 540 Lake Center Parkway, Suite 201 Cumming (near Atlanta), GA 30040

CEUs Offered: 2.20

Registration Fee(s): $795.00 - $995.00

Registration weblink: 

Phone: 1-877-426-3655 x236



Supporting Word-Level Reading and Spelling Skills for All Learners

Friday, July 21, 2017

Event Description: Part of the Annual Cooper Lecture Series by the University of Alabama Chapter of NSSLHA

Address of Event: Tuscaloosa, AL

CEUs Offered: 8

(Non-)Financial Disclosures

Registration Fee(s): $85-$95; only $20 for students

Brochure: Coming soon

Registration weblink: > Upcoming Events



Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders: A Medical, Motor, Behavioral Approach

Sept. 23-24, 2017


Facility and Address of Event: University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL

Event Host: Motivations, Inc.

Event Description: Research indicates that the prevalence of pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders is 80% in the special needs population and 20% in typically developing children. Therefore, most pediatric clinicians will encounter this disorder in some form or another. Feeding disorders come in all shapes and sizes, such as coughing/choking during meals, poor oral-motor skill acquisition, food refusal, oral aversion, g-tube dependence and more. One must be versed in oral-motor and swallowing techniques, respiration, GI issues, nutrition, motor/postural alignment, and behavioral strategies. This is a two-day course focusing on how to approach pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders, how to diagnose and prioritize treatment options, and ensure successful outcomes for you and your patients. Day one will concentrate on medical and nutritional intervention strategies, while day two will focus on evaluation and therapeutic intervention. If children are available, there will be 1-2 live evaluations.  

CE Hours Offered: 1.6


Registration Fee(s): 495.00

Registration Weblink

Phone: 800-791-0262



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