Pricing, Payment and PO FAQs



Membership Dues
Student SHAA Membership $ 15
Associate SHAA Membership (Bachelor's level in a CSD field) $ 45
Full SHAA Membership (Master's level or highter in a CSD field) $ 55
Life Membership (Designated by SHAA as Full Member for 10+ yrs, having attained the age of 65) $  0


Convention Registration
Membership Type Dec 1 -
Jan 15
Jan 16 -
Feb 6
SHAA Member (Full or Associate) and ABESPA Licensee $195 $225 $245
SHAA, GSHA, or FLASHA Member (Full or Associate), NOT ABESPA Licensee $205 $235 $255
Non-SHAA Member, ABESPA Licensee $270 $300 $325
Non-Member, NOT ABESPA Licensee (Professional or student) $320 $350 $370
SHAA Student Member (a limited number of volunteers attend free of charge) $35 $45 $55
CFY with Full Membership $45 $75 $95
Life Member $100 $115 $125
Premium Life Member (Became a Life Member before 2009) $0 $0 $0






Payment and PO FAQs

  1. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, check, or purchase order. (PayPal is not available, due to high payment processing fees.)

  2. No matter how you pay, you must register online and indicate your payment choice as part of your registration.

  3. If you don't have a purchase order number, you may type the name of your employer in the PO # blank. 

  4. One purchase order (PO) can be submitted for both membership and convention registration and may include either or both for several people.

  5. A purchase order is considered payment, but does not automatically renew or set up your membership and/or convention registration.  You must log on to your SHAA account and renew/set up your membership and/or register for the convention.  The purchase order cannot be applied if there is no order in the system to which it can be applied. 

  6. Convention registrations using a PO won’t be considered complete until the PO has been received by the SHAA office – either by fax or by snail mail.  The PO is considered payment, so it is not necessary for a check to arrive for the registration to be complete. 

  7. If you need a form to request a PO, please use the Request for Continuing Education Funds form

  8. If you must cancel your registration due to an emergency or a medical issue, SHAA will refund your registration fee.  However, SHAA may decline to issue a refund after January 12. 

  9. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment.  If you need to print/send a receipt at any time, simply go to Account > Receipts on the SHAA website (you must be logged in to access the Account menu).   

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