Membership Dues
Student SHAA Membership $ 15
Associate SHAA Membership (Bachelor's level in a CSD field) $ 45
Full SHAA Membership (Master's level or highter in a CSD field) $ 55
Life Membership (Designated by SHAA as Full Member for 10+ yrs, having attained the age of 65) $  0
Convention Registration
Membership Type Dec 1 -
Jan 15
Jan 16 -
Feb 1
SHAA Member (Full or Associate) and ABESPA Licensee $195 $225 $245
SHAA, GSHA, or FLASHA Member (Full or Associate), NOT ABESPA Licensee $205 $235 $255
Non-SHAA Member, ABESPA Licensee $270 $300 $325
Non-Member, NOT ABESPA Licensee (Professional or student) $320 $350 $370
SHAA Student Member (a limited number of volunteers attend free of charge) $35 $45 $55
CFY with Full Membership $45 $75 $95
Life Member $100 $115 $125
Premium Life Member (Became a Life Member before 2009) $0 $0 $0






Payment FAQs

You can pay with a credit card, debit card, mail a check to our office, pay at the meeting, or mail a check to our office after the meeting.  No matter how you pay, you must register online and indicate your payment choice as part of your registration - "will mail a check" is fine for paying later.

If you are paying by PO, you can mark "PO" or "WILL MAIL CHECK."  If you need to fill out a PO for your employer, please click here: PO Registration Form.  You mail, fax or email: SHAA, 3416 Primm Lane, Birmingham, AL  35216, fax (205) 823-2760, email  If you must cancel your registration due to an emergency or a medical issue, SHAA will refund your registration fee.  However, SHAA may decline to issue a refund after January 12. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment.  If you need to print/send a receipt at any time, simply go to Account > Receipts on the SHAA website (you must be logged in to access the Account menu).

Please email all questions to


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