SHAA-PAC (Political Action Committee)


Consider serving on the SHAA-PAC (Political Action Committee) Board or Committee

  • Raise funds to provide a financial vehicle with which to impact issues in state government
  • Support and represent the interests of SLPs and audiologists in a variety of work settings
  • Increase the political awareness of other speech and hearing professionals

All board candidates must:

  • reside in Alabama
  • have been engaged in providing services in speech-language pathology and/or audiology (with the exception of the Member at Large)
  • be capable of attending two-three committee meetings per year (two of those will precede SHAA Executive Board meetings)

The SHAA-PAC Board will contain six members who are each chosen by the SHAA Executive Board to serve a two-year staggered term. Board members will be able to serve no more than two consecutive terms.  Interested candidates should complete the online application to be considered for appointment.  Applications and submitted resumes may be retained for up to three years for consideration of future Board openings.  After the initial appointments are made, applications will be submitted prior to March 31st of each year, with appointments made by August 15th. 

For the initial appointments in 2017, qualified candidates must apply by November 1 to be considered by the SHAA Executive Board.  Board appointees will be notified by November 15th

I have reviewed the information below and would like to apply for the SHAA-PAC Board. 

I would like to serve on the SHAA-PAC Committee

SHAA-PAC Board Positions Available:

Presiding Officer of the SHAA-PAC Committee
Active member of the SHAA Executive Board
Convenes and presides over each meeting
With the treasurer, approves all political contributions and/or expenditures following submission and approval by the SHAA Executive Board
Assistant Chair

Supports the Chair
Assumes the Chair's duties should the Chair be unavailable
Becomes Chair immediately should that position be vacated
Automatically the SHAA-PAC Chair-Elect

Accounts for all contributions made to and expenditures of the SHAA-PAC
Files reports required by the Election Commission and the IRS
Records and deposits all contributions in a separate account, as required by law
Collects and disperses funds in accordance with the SHAA-PAC by-laws, the SHAA-PAC Board, and state and federal law
Assistant Treasurer
Supports the Treasurer
Carries out duties of the Treasurer should the Treasurer be unavailable
Automatically the Treasurer-Elect
Assists the Treasurer in finalizing and submitting required reports
Records the activities of the SHAA-PAC Board and submits a joint report along with the Chair, to the SHAA Executive Board as required by the Board

Neither a member of SHAA nor of the professions
Serves in an observational/advisory role
Serves a one-year term which may be repeated
Should have some legal expertise and be prepared to give advice regarding state and federal compliance as it pertains to the PAC


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