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Did you know?

ASHA does NOT require use of the CE Registry in order to get credit for CE courses.

Only credits in the ASHA CE Registry count toward ASHA's ACE award. 

If you want your hours from the SHAA convention in the ASHA Registry, you must complete an online form following the convention.

You only pay a fee to ASHA if you want to make use of their optional CE Registry service.

Any and all sessions listed on SHAA's CE page will count for ASHA certification maintenance. When you receive an attendance certificate, you can submit the info to ASHA in a list of your CE activities at the time appointed by ASHA. 

If you would like ASHA to keep track of your hours for you through the CE Registry, you fill out the necessary paperwork (for the SHAA convention, complete an online form following the convention), and the CE units can then count toward ASHA's ACE award. For this privilege and for the convenience and security of ASHA tracking your CE hours for you, ASHA charges a fee. (Through 2018, it’s $25/year for ASHA members, and can be paid over the phone to the ASHA Action Center, 1-800-498-2071.) Remember that this fee is optional, and that you can choose to track your own hours.  For more information, go to ASHA's CE Registry information page(Link checked October 2017.)


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