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  • The CE Certificates are ready.

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  1. LOG IN with your SHAA username and password (at the top right of this page).
  2. When you see “Welcome, [your name],” click “Edit My Profile
  3. Click “Activities
  4. Click “Continuing Education Report.”
  5. Use your browser controls to print the page. (You may have a menu at top with “File > Print”. Or, you may need to RIGHT click (or CTRL+P or CMD+P) to bring up a menu to allow you to “Print” that page.)

As with every SHAA CE Certificate, this page will show the CE time. It does *not* list the sessions, but *does* show each time segment as either ABESPA Content Area (I) or (II). 
This certificate will be all you will need in case of audit by ASHA or ABESPA.

  • School-based SLPs, please help with survey research about the presence of children with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) on caseloads AND about stuttering in handwriting. Follow this link for details

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