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History of SHAA / Poem from a Parent / List of SHAA Presidents

Here is a poem submitted by the family who received SHAA's 2002 AAC Family Award:

To People Who Work with Children with Special Needs
From a Parent

Be Gentle with Me - I may be grieving (especially at first). I may need time to accept, then hurt over, the loss of the "normal" child I thought I would have.

Be Patient with Me - Remember that I have as many as 4 to 20 professionals telling me what I need to do to help my child. It's often overwhelming.

Respect Me - You are the expert in therapy, medicine, or education. I am the expert on my child.

Listen to Me - I spend hours thinking about ways to make life better for my child. I generally know if something won't work at all. I have a lot of good ideas. I read a lot, too.

Encourage Me - Take the time to tell me what I'm doing right. I never feel like I'm doing enough. Point out even the smallest progress you see, because sometimes small progress is all there is to keep me trying.

Understand Me - Understand that as hard as things get sometimes, I would not trade this precious person and all he adds to my life and family for a normal child. He is special, as all children are special, and I know that, even when I'm struggling.

Remember Me - If I burn out, I can't change my job. No one else will step in and take over for me. I am in this for the long haul, so I need to pace myself.

Thank You - Thank you for choosing to be a part of my child's life. Thank you for your patience and dedication. Thank you for caring.

- Robin Prince Monroe

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Our losses: Pat LaCoste passed away while battling cancer June 13th, 2008.

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