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Continuing Education

Events offering ASHA CEUs* through SHAA:

6th Annual AEI Summer Institute in Auditory-Verbal Therapy
Alabama Ear Institute
July 13-17, 2009
Contact: Nancy Wilson

*The ASHA CE logo (above) indicates that the program has met the strict requirements of the ASHA CE Board (CEB) in planning, promoting, implementing, evaluating, and reporting the activity. ASHA's requirements are modeled after criteria and requirements of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

Other CE Opportunities:

Remember CELL!

3 workshops in fluency: The Stuttering Foundation will be sponsoring three curso sql learn about ebaconline workshops for
speech-language pathologists during
June and July 2009. The Foundation pays the tuition, room & board and even a per diem. The applications can be found at http://www.stutteringhelp.org/Default.aspx?tabid=78

Annual Conference on Stuttering
July 8-12, 2009
By the Long Island chapter of the National Stuttering Association

Scottsdale, Ariz
Contact: Ms. Tammy Flores, Executive Director; 1-800-WE-STUTTER

Alabama Branch of the International Dyslexia Association
ALIDA SUMMER READING CONFERENCE: Multisensory Teaching: Rescue Struggling Readers at All Grade Levels
July 18, 2009
Wynfrey Hotel, Birmingham AL
See flyer

Also, you can search for events or list your event at SLPcalendar.com. (Link Disclaimer)

Current Rules: (Updated January 2007; still applicable February 2009)

ASHA: Audiologists and SLPs must participate in continuing education in order to maintain their ASHA Cs. (30 contact hours over a 3-year period.)

See ASHA's website for more details.
Determine your 3-year window.

ABESPA Licensees: ABESPA requires 12 hours (720 minutes) of continuing education per year for maintaining licensure.

Notes about ABESPA CE Credit:

      • ABESPA's requirements are STRICTER than ASHA's, in amount and timeframe. So... as long as you meet ABESPA's licensure requirements, you will meet ASHA's certification requirements.
      • See ABESPA's website re: rule changes effective January 01, 2007.
      • See ABESPA's website to request CE preapproval when there is a question regarding content.
      • "No continuing education credit shall be given for identical courses taken during the same year." (Chapter 870-X-4, Section 5 a-d)
      • See ABESPA's site for the Administrative Code containing ABESPA's official language.

Interested in offering ASHA CEUs for your activity?

Re: The Process
1. Apply with SHAA using the Application Form (updated May 2008):
(ASHA CEU Application, .doc; ASHA CEU Application, .pdf)

Send it to me, Gary Copeland, the ASHA CE Administrator for SHAA
he preliminary paperwork can be handled via email, fax, and/or mail.

(256) 325 - 8885
126 Iron Horse Trail, Harvest AL 35749

I will review all aspects of the event with you, helping you plan as needed.

2. You will receive a box of materials for use at the event.
Make sure that the participants complete the paperwork

3. Send the box back to me within 2 weeks following the event.

Re: Rights and Options for ASHA CEUs
SHAA reserves the right as an ASHA Continuing Education Provider to decline requests for offering ASHA CEUs. In such a case, you can contact ASHA to explore other options. If you wish to conduct your event in cooperation with SHAA (as one method for offering ASHA CEUs), you must abide by all of SHAA's requirements.

Re: Deadlines
Allow 6-8 weeks prior to the event for processing. (I must submit pertinent materials to ASHA regarding your event 30 days before the event, and I need time to review the activity, prepare several documents, and mail the materials.) After the event, return all CE materials within two weeks. (I must fill out another couple of forms and send to ASHA on a deadline after the event, too!)

Re: Fees and Penalties
SHAA requires payment of a $75 administrative fee for each event that will provide ASHA CEUs, in addition to any fees required by ASHA. If participants can register for any part of your event separately, then each of the separate parts is considered a separate activity, and both the ASHA fees and SHAA fees must be paid for each.
(Example: Day One is a preconference with separate registration fees; Days Two and Three are the main conference, with a separate registration fee. Even if someone may get a discount for registering for both the preconference and the conference together, these are still considered to be two activities. ASHA fees would be $250 for each, and SHAA fees would be $75 for each, for a total of $650.)

If you miss an ASHA deadline, you will be responsible for any late fees that ASHA may impose. Currently, there is a $50 penalty for the first offense (within one calendar year), and a $200 penalty for the second offense. Note that ASHA considers SHAA to be the CE provider. Therefore, even though it may be your first time to be late with the paperwork, it may be SHAA's second time (e.g., because another entity was late earlier in the year), meaning that the penalty to you would be $200.
Bottom line?
Meet the deadlines, and there will be no penalties at all (and a whole lot fewer headaches for all of us)!

Re: Rescheduling
If you reschedule an activity after SHAA's CE Administrator has registered it with ASHA, SHAA's $75 Cosponsor fee may be charged again to cover additional copying and mailing expenses. ASHA's fee only has to be paid once in such cases.

ASHA CEUs in Perspective    


  1. Give the attendee confidence in knowing that ASHA has accepted the course
  2. Give the attendee convenience because ASHA will keep track of their CE hours, and issue a CE transcript on request
  3. Give the attendee potential for receiving the ACE award from ASHA
Note, however, some other facts -- and the third one is not widely understood:
  1. Although many state regulatory agencies and boards of education accept ASHA CEUs for purposes of licensure renewal and board of education recertification, ASHA CEUs do not guarantee ABESPA approval. (ABESPA pre-approval can be requested by using forms from the ABESPA web site, www.ABESPA.org/ce.htm.)
  2. Attendees may always track their own time, even if attending an event offered for ASHA CEUs.
  3. "ASHA CEUs" is a special term with a narrow definition. As such, "ASHA CEUs" are NOT the only way to gain professional development for maintaining certification through ASHA (the CCC). Alternatively, a person may ...
    • attend IACET-approved courses, or
    • take applicable semester course-work at accredited institutions, or
    • attend ... employer-sponsored in-service; or ... other professional organizations' continuing education activities that contribute to professional development.  (From ASHA's web site. See link below.)

In other words, assuming the content is appropriate, an employer or organization can simply plan and conduct an event and give an attendance certificate at the end, and participants can still get credit toward ABESPA licensure and ASHA certification by tracking their own time.

For more info, see http://www.asha.org/about/membership-certification/maintFAQs.htm#q3.
(Link updated 8/29/08)

-- Gary Copeland, ASHA CE Administrator for SHAA

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